A workout for your body shape straight apple pear or hourglass

Physique features should be taken into account not only when choosing clothes, but also when planning fitness training. The choice of exercises, the training mode and other parameters of the training process depend on the type of figure.

Fitness training by type of figure

The body type is genetically predetermined and is unchangeable throughout life. However, it is not only heredity that dictates how the figure will look. A lot depends on the way of eating, the amount of physical activity and the nature of training. Even the best natural data can be spoiled by eating incorrectly, not doing sports or making mistakes in training. Conversely, the natural flaws of the figure can be smoothed out with the help of properly selected exercises. There are five basic types of female physique. Accordingly, five training strategies (women’s fitness programs) can be distinguished depending on the type of figure.

Physical activity for the “Hourglass” figure

The girls with the “Hourglass” body type were the most lucky. They have almost perfect proportions: a narrow waist, approximately equal in width to the hips and chest, a good waist-to-hip ratio (0.7 or slightly more). Even if such a girl gains a few extra pounds, it will not be particularly noticeable, because with this type of physique, fat is deposited evenly throughout the body, and the waist circumference always remains smaller than the circumference of the hips and chest.

Girls with the “Hourglass” body type usually do not have to adjust certain areas of the figure. They just need to preserve what nature has given them. With this type of physique, any type of training is beneficial: cardio, strength, functional, etc. The main thing is to evenly distribute the load on all muscle groups and maintain a high variety of exercises. Among cardio exercises, you can choose any: running, cycling, roller skating, swimming, etc. Classes on all types of cardio equipment are useful: stepper, ellipsoid, rowing simulator, exercise bike, treadmill. But it is advisable not to get carried away with one thing, but, if possible, alternate different types of motor activity. This way you can avoid stagnation in training and achieve a uniform study of the whole body.

Exercise program for the “Pear” type of figure

Girls with a “Pear” type physique have relatively narrow shoulders, waist and chest with massive hips and buttocks. They have thin arms, wide ankles, and a small belly. Fat is deposited mainly in the lower part of the body (buttocks, thighs). Often the so-called breeches are formed – protruding fat deposits (“ears”) on the sides of the hips.

With the “Pear” body type, efforts should be directed to compensate for the massiveness of the hips due to the development of the upper body. Any exercises with dumbbells that help to build up the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, back are useful. To maintain the tone of the muscles of the lower body, it is not recommended to practice power loads with heavy weights. They stimulate muscle growth too much. It is better to work without weights or with a small weight, for example, in simulators for flexion-extension of the legs. Fitness training can be organized according to the split method: train the upper and lower parts of the body on different days of the week. The top needs to be worked out twice a week, the bottom – once. Cardio loads must be present in the training program. You can burn fat by swimming, walking, and practicing on an ellipsoid. It is better to exclude training with a stepper, since after them the lower limbs can become even more massive.

Training for the “Inverted Triangle” figure

The main distinguishing feature of the “Inverted Triangle” type of figure is wide shoulders with relatively narrow hips. Girls with such a figure, as a rule, are not inclined to fullness. If fat is still deposited, it is concentrated mainly in the upper part of the body and on the abdomen.

Owners of this type of figure need to focus on working out the lower part of the body. The musculature of the thighs and buttocks is effectively increased with regular squats, lunges, deadlifts. The working weight should be large. In the future, you can refine the relief with less strenuous isolated exercises. Basic exercises are not suitable for strengthening the upper body. The top should be worked out by isolated exercises with low weight and a large number of repetitions. The fitness program can be organized according to the split method. The lower part of the body should be trained twice a week, the upper one – once. Of the cardio exercises, stepper classes are the most suitable. A treadmill, and even more so an ellipsoid, is better not to use — they dry out the leg muscles too much.

Fitness program for the “Rectangle” figure

Girls with a rectangular figure type have practically no waist. Their waist, hips and chest are approximately equal in girth. Such girls are not inclined to gain weight and, if they still gain extra pounds, they part with it quite easily with the help of fitness and proper nutrition.

In the training of athletes with a rectangular figure type, no emphasis is placed on either the upper or lower parts of the body — they are worked out in approximately the same volume. In this case, it is especially useful to develop the muscles of the back and buttocks to visually narrow the waist. You should not try to achieve a slim waist with the help of lateral twists and bends with dumbbells to the sides. This will lead to the exact opposite result: due to the increase in the oblique abdominal muscles, the waist will visually expand. You can narrow your waist a little if you get rid of excess fat from it. Hula hoop workouts and other types of cardio exercises will be useful here.

Training program for the “Apple” figure

Girls with an Apple-type figure have a large bust, narrow hips and flat buttocks. The figure is similar in outline to an oval. Fat is deposited mainly on the abdomen. The shoulders and arms can also get better, while the buttocks and thighs remain relatively thin.

Fitness training of girls with an Apple figure should include a large number of cardio exercises. You can practice standard aerobic workouts, interval and circular. Classes should be intensive and frequent — at least four trainings per week. In addition to cardio training, the fitness program should include strength training with an emphasis on working out the legs and buttocks. In general, the more physical activity of any kind, the better. Especially useful are intensive circular workouts with full-body training, a multi-repetitive mode of work, a fast pace and minimal pauses between sets.

A workout for your body shape straight apple pear or hourglass

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