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About Us

About DesiMD Healthcare
DesiMD Healthcare is a young organization set up in August 2012, by a group of doctors committed to delivering customized healthcare services to Indian community all over the world.
This concept took birth when one of our doctors on board felt the need for authentic information on finding the right specialist to treat one of his family members for a serious illness. Further he found that there was no related information all at one place, and therefore had to spend a lot of time researching on the web.
This experience led to the concept of DesiMD to create a one-stop destination for all health needs including services like Health Checkup Packages, Treatment Services, Home Nurse Services, Book Doctor Appointments, Ask A Doctor, Doctors Directory, Hospitals Directory, and Healthcare Information.
Beyond this need, our panel of doctors recognize that Indians have a different biological and genetic makeup and have their own cultural values distinct to its region. And DesiMD believes in addressing this need too through our network of health care professionals.
Through its range of distinct service offerings, DesiMD reaches out to Doctors, Hospitals, Corporate Companies, and Pharmaceutical Companies besides the common man and patients.
These offerings make DesiMD unique among other health care service providers in India.
DesiMD's goal is to cater to these distinct needs of Indians in India and abroad.
Our specialties include:
  • Offering a range of Health check-up packages across hospitals in India.
  • Give our readers a choice to choose the hospitals / doctors from their profiles listed on our website.
  • Provide up-to-date healthcare information and create a platform for interactive forums, to encourage knowledge sharing.


"Our mission is to cater to Indians across the globe with authentic health care information by providing customized healthcare intelligence through trained local, national and international health care professionals. Our goal is to serve patients, their families and health care personnel by empowering them with the most appropriate information on health care."



"Our vision is to make DesiMD a one-stop-destination for all health care needs. We aim to create a common platform for all the healthcare stakeholders to promote their services, share best practices, exchange knowledge and information and empower everyone including patients for better health. DesiMD is working to provide visitors on this site with a wide choice for a range of health needs."


Our core values:

  • Integrity: We believe in delivering our services with integrity, honesty, commitment and dedication. Our processes are transparent, and our purpose is to serve our customers, clients and people in the most transparent way. We are ethically unyielding and inspire trust by aligning our thoughts, words and actions – we mean what we say and do what we mean. We honour our commitment and take accountability for our actions.
  • Quality: Our deliverables are measured by quality and not by quantity. Quality is the centre of everything we do, from enabling our clients to become high-performance businesses to creating long-term relationships by consistently adding value to our services.
  • Excellence: Every job we do and deliver to our patients, clients, customers must meet the standard of excellence. Because we believe that only with excellence, one can move to the next level. To achieve this, we work as a team and constantly evaluate our work and our deliverables to create value for our people and clients and for ourselves.
  • Team work: Nothing works better than a team. A good team is an asset to the organization, and we take pride in the teams that we have in DesiMD. We believe that a perfectly coordinated team can deliver best products most efficiently. A happy team creates happy customers and undoubtedly we are a happy team!