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in left leg knee and in left hand elbow joint I always feel some disturbane..while holding my mobile in left hand I feel the grip is too low.. left side head also pains.. all thesr are because of what - Asked by p x on 11-Aug-2016 11:02:39

Answer Count: 3    Disorder Type: Nervous system disorders

  • BHMS, MD
    Alternative Medicine- Homoeopathy
    Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bengali

    Answered by Dr. Amal Krishna Mandal on 11-Aug-2016 20:12:37

    Probably You are suffering from nervous disorder. So you should go through a proper characterized homoeopathic treatment. May contact 09433076820
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  • B.A.M.S
    Alternative Medicine- Ayurveda
    Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi

    Answered by Dr. Prashil Junankar on 12-Aug-2016 11:57:44

    Take panchedriya oil nasya .apply sahachar oil over body,specially massage your left part with sahachar will feel better.regards
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  • MBBS,Fellowship in Intesnive Care Medicine
    Critical care (Intensivists)
    Languages Known: English, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu

    Answered by Dr. Yezdani Haleema on 15-Sep-2016 22:03:50

    How are you feeling now? I suggest you get a vitamin b 12 level done if it is low you will require a few injections and your symptoms will disappear but if it is normal then we may need to procced to a ct scan
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