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Sir, recently my child has come across a urethroplasty surgery. He is just 9 months old. After surgery the urine flow became very low. Even his pen is did not get hard in the morning. And it got hard before operation. Question is whether it is common or something else. Please clarify. - Asked by d x on 10-Aug-2016 23:46:02

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    Answered by Dr. Udayanath sahoo on 24-Dec-2016 19:08:24

    As per your question you have not mentioned clearly which type of URETHROPLASTY had performed among four like-

    a)Anastomotic URETHROPLASTY

    b)Buccal mucosal onlay graft

    c)Scrotal or penile island flap (graft)

    d)Johansen's urethroplasty

    Normaly it is a good procedure but complication occure in 10% of cases like -

    • Recurrence of the stricture
    • Infection (Time to time check urine for PUS cell
    • Urinary incontinence (symptoms of incontinence often improve over time with strengthening exercises)
    • Urinary retention requiring intermittent catheterization to completely empty the urinary bladder
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Loss of penile sensation, decreased tactile sensation of the penile shaft and corona
    • Retrograde ejaculation, changes in ejaculation, and decrease in intensity of orgasm
    • Reffered Pain
    • Urinary Fistula
    • Urinary Urgency
    • Urine spraying
    • Hematoma
    • External bleeding (from the suture lines
    • Bleeding from the internal suture lines (seen as bloody discharge from the urethra)
    • So do a clinical exam throughly  

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