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Five reasons why "Ask a Doctor" is an invaluable service

1. Saves Time

One of the primary reasons for delaying or not seeing a doctor is lack of "time". Neglecting symptoms eventually leads to more serious health problems that can well be avoided.

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"Many a time I find myself stuck with answers to some health questions. At times they may not be a serious health problem, but nevertheless they bother me. I can't find the time to go to a doctor with my hectic schedule" says Regina, software professional. Does this sound familiar to your case?

True, several of us are challenged with such a situation where some health questions bother us but we don't know how to go about it, and finally end up allowing it to aggravate, without an answer. The reasons for this could be many - due to time constraints, no idea whom to reach out to, skeptical about asking a question, difficult to find a doctor or don't take it serious.

Our Doctor says “Never leave a health question unanswered, as it could lead to serious problems or a chronic condition later on, which may not only lead to pain and suffering for the patient, but could be time consuming to treat a chronic condition, and a lot of money would have to be spent on tests and treatment. That's a lot of effort for the patient and the doctor too."

‘Ask a Doctor' online consultation service can solve all these problems for the patient. Its instant! Any medical health questions can be asked anytime from anywhere, as it is an online consultation service. Your questions will be answered instantly or within 48hrs saving you all the trouble of booking a appointment, travelling time, traffic stress, and effort to see a doctor.

How it works?

Most importantly all these questions are kept confidential and . Ask a Doc service is simple. Just get online on, go to services, get on the page, leave your mail id and phone and write your question and submit. You will get an answer guiding you what to do or appropriate medicine prescribed on mail.

Advantages :

Anytime, Anywhere : The best thing about online doctor consultation platform service is getting answers from real doctors, the accessibility to a doc 24/7, option to ask anytime from anywhere, (from your office, while travelling, or at midnight from your bedroom, when your child could be crying with fever or severe stomach pain and you find yourself helpless).

Specialists are available: Ask a doctor service is as good as having a doctor by your side, anytime you want help. Be it a general or a specific question related to your skin allergy, a gynecological problem, a child's severe respiratory problem or an adult suffering from acute stress or depression – our specialists (dermatologist, a gynecologist, a pediatrician, a psychiatrist or a general physician,) are available online on, all the time to answer to these specific questions and relieve you from anxiety. Consultation options: You have a choice to choose the option of receiving answers to your questions. It could be online by email, a phone or a video consultation.

If you would like to have video consultation privately (paid service), select private, pay the fee and ask a question and get personalized answer.

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