Best blood cancer treatment centers and hospitals in India

Cancer treatment in India is a combination of advanced medical achievements with ayuverda. This approach, backed up by centuries of experience in spiritual healing, significantly enhances the effect of treatment. Cancer treatment in India is often much more successful than in hospitals in Europe.

Benefits of Cancer Treatment in India

In recent years, India has made a huge step forward in the direction of medical and technological development. Cancer Treatment in India is in demand for a number of reasons:

  • Cancer treatment in INDI-world approved methods of treatment, development of author’s methods. Oncologists of the country actively practice neuronavigation during surgical operations on the brain, use PET tomography, apply innovative methods of immunotherapy.
  • Conducting genetic analysis for early diagnosis of cancer. The test is carried out in order to identify risk factors and early detection of cancer pathologies. Detection of potentially dangerous genes makes it possible to carry out effective cancer prevention.
  • Special attention is paid to common types of oncopathologies – prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, brain cancer.
  • Affordable prices for medical services. Diagnostics and treatment in Indian clinics, including private hospitals, are 3-5 times cheaper than in the USA and Europe. At the same time, reviews of cancer treatment in India allow us to conclude that the quality of medical services is at the level of world standards.

Indian oncologists use progressive radiation treatments:

  • intensive modulated radiation therapy (IMRT);
  • radiotherapy with visual control (IGRT);
  • intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT);
  • Stereotactic radiation therapy (SBRT);
  • electron beam therapy;
  • brachytherapy;
  • radionuclide therapy.

Other modern ways of fighting cancer are also successfully practiced:

  • carrying out organ-preserving operations;
  • methods of nuclear medicine;
  • performing radical robot-assisted operations;
  • the use of robotic installations Cyber knife, Gamma knife;
  • molecular targeted therapy;
  • the use of chemotherapy, gene therapy and hormone therapy;
  • transplantation of stem cells and organs.

Of great interest are non-traditional methods of combating oncology, which are used in India:

  • ayuverda, methods of traditional Chinese medicine (homeopathy, naturopathy);
  • methods of intelligent body medicine (yoga, meditation, hypnosis sessions, art therapy, music therapy);
  • biological therapy (medicinal herbs, dietary supplements, vitamin complexes);
  • methods of manual therapy (osteopathic procedures, massage)

Few cancer clinics abroad are able to offer such a complex of cancer treatment at affordable prices, which undoubtedly attracts the attention of patients to India.

Stage 4 Cancer Treatment in India

It is impossible to achieve the effect using standard methods at stage 4 of cancer. At this stage, innovative techniques are used: radiofrequency ablation, cellular immunotherapy, intra-arterial chemotherapy. These techniques provide effective treatment even in the presence of a widespread metastatic process. To improve the results of therapy in India, ayurvedic drugs are used that can strengthen immune functions and restore a weakened body.

Medical statistics of oncology in India

WHO experts note that the highest rates of cancer incidence are in countries where the population prefers fast food. Approximately 50% of cancer cases among Americans are due to improper nutrition.

As for India, the peculiarities of the national cuisine ensure a reduction in the incidence of cancer. For the preparation of many dishes, spices with an anti-cancer effect are used, for example, turmeric, saffron.

Scientific research in the field of oncology is constantly conducted in the country, advanced techniques are used, which are successfully used by leading oncological clinics in Israel and other countries. A progressive approach to cancer treatment in India provides a high curability rate, no worse than in Israel, Germany or the USA – more than 80%.

Timely diagnosis of cancer as the best method of prevention

Oncologists all over the world constantly focus the attention of the world population on the need for early diagnosis of cancer. To do this, you need to monitor your health and undergo preventive examinations on time.

An effective oncodiagnostic program consists of the following techniques:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of oncology in Indian Laboratory blood tests;
  • genetic cancer test;
  • Ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET-CT;
  • examination in a gamma camera;
  • immunological diagnostics;
  • endoscopic examination;
  • biopsy with cytology.

Among the innovations used by Indian doctors is 4D Time-Of-Flight diagnostics. This is the most advanced type of PET-CT examination, which uses a patented 64-channel scan system. The use of this method allows you to visualize the functions of the whole body, to assess the metabolic activity of a cancer (the presence of metastases).

The cost of cancer treatment in India and how to calculate the cost of treatment in your case?

Cancer treatment prices in India are much more affordable compared to Europe and even Israel. For example, cancer treatment in Germany will cost 4-5 times more expensive than in India. Affordable medicine in the country is due to the high level of development, as well as the use of licensed analogues of American generic drugs produced by Indian pharmaceutical companies.

An accurate calculation of the cost is not made in advance, since for this purpose specialists need diagnostic information obtained after passing an examination in an Indian clinic.

To determine the preliminary cost of treatment for a particular case, you need to seek help from a medical consultant. To do this, follow the following algorithm of actions:

  • fill out the feedback form on the website;
  • answer the consultant’s phone call;
  • send copies of medical documents by e-mail;
  • get a preliminary calculation of the cost and treatment program from several clinics in the country, as well as a free doctor’s consultation.

Average prices for cancer treatment in India:

  • Biopsy – 295$ – 4886$;
  • Genetic examination – 210$ -4425$;
  • Brachytherapy – 205$ – 6287$;
  • Intraperitoneal chemotherapy – from 17542$;
  • Hormone therapy – from 1105$;
  • Immunotherapy – from 1269$ – 11253$;
  • Cyber Knife – 4515$ – 20300$;
  • Radiation therapy – 3450$ – 30420$;

India’s Leading Cancer Centers

Many clinics in India with multidisciplinary specialization have oncological departments in their structure. The leading oncological centers are medical institutions with JCI, NABH, NABL accreditation:

  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute. The clinic is a leader in such areas as pediatric hematology, performing robotic operations on the neck and chest organs in patients with cancerous lesions of the esophagus and thyroid gland.
  • BLK Super Specialty Clinic. The hospital is famous for its powerful technical base, it was here for the first time in the country that doctors began to use the innovative Cyber Knife installation for the treatment of brain cancer and to conduct HIPEC to combat colorectal cancer. Doctors of the hospital successfully treat malignant breast tumors using single intraoperative and three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy.
  • Apollo Clinic. The hospital’s doctors specialize in proton therapy and combined surgical operations for lung and liver cancer. Organ-preserving interventions are performed for bone tumors, laparoscopic operations for colorectal cancer.

The best oncologists in India

The education and career of Indian doctors begins with therapy and surgery. Only after mastering these areas of medicine perfectly and gaining practical experience, doctors begin a highly specialized activity – oncology.

The leading oncologists of the country are:

  • Harith Chaturvedi. Oncologist, surgeon, specializes in the surgical treatment of gastrointestinal and breast cancer. Conducts scientific activity, author of more than 50 reports and publications.
  • Kapil Kumar. Oncologist, surgeon, performs surgical treatment of cancerous lesions of the lungs, breast, esophagus. Performs oncoplastic operations.
  • Subodh Chandra Pande. Oncologist specializing in radiotherapy. Conducts treatment with brachytherapy, radiation therapy.
  • Ashok Vaid. Oncogematologist, a leading specialist in the field of stem cell transplantation.

Indian drugs for the treatment of cancer

Cancer clinics in India use certified generic drugs that have a strong anti-cancer effect:

  • Votrient. Prevents the pathological development of blood vessels, is used for soft tissue lesions.
  • Xovoltib. It is prescribed to adult patients with lung cancer to stop the process of cancer cell division.
  • Xbira. The indication for the use of this drug is hormone-dependent prostate cancer. The drug completely stops the production of male hormones that promote tumor growth.
  • Bdenza. It is prescribed to patients with advanced stages of prostate cancer when surgical and drug treatment is ineffective. The results of the use of this drug: a reduction in the further spread of the tumor by 83%, a decrease in the probability of death by 37%.
  • Crizalk. The pills are designed to slow down the growth of lymphomas. In 90% of cases, taking the drug causes a decrease in the size of the tumor.
  • Tagrisso. The drug is used for lung cancer in adult patients, allows you to reduce the size of the neoplasm.

The cost of cancer treatment abroad with the help of these drugs in clinics in Europe, the United States will be very high. The purchase of these medicines directly in India, in the country where they are produced, will cost much cheaper.

Ayurvedic Cancer Drugs

There is no universal cure for cancer, but there are medicines that can reduce the risk of developing cancer or help an already ill person cope with cancer.

In Indian medicine, cancer is considered as a disease that occurs against the background of negative vital energy. And it, in turn, appears with an excess of descending air. There is a sharp weakening of the digestive fire, while the accumulation of toxins begins. Cancer can occur for various reasons:

  • eating foods that are devoid of vitality;
  • negative environmental impact;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • lack of spiritual development;
  • suppression of emotions.

Non-traditional methods of cancer treatment in Indian medicine are aimed at using drugs to heal the physical body and spiritual aura. For this purpose, ayurvedic drugs and plants are used:

  • herbs to improve metabolic processes in the body, neutralize poisons and toxic substances (wax tree);
  • herbs for stimulating blood circulation and blood circulation, accelerating tissue healing processes (saffron, turmeric, manzhishta);
  • herbs for strengthening immunity (ginseng, mumie, bala, atmagupt).

Ayurvedic cancer drugs from India are a good addition to the main course of therapy. For example, the drug Maharishi Amrit Kalash. This is a natural dietary supplement that helps strengthen the immune system, neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation and poor ecology, blocks the growth of free radicals. The results of clinical studies have shown that the drug prevents breast cancer in 88% of cases, leads to tumor regression in 60% of cases.

Cancer treatment in India in 30 seconds – myth or reality?

On the Internet, you can find information that an Indian guru can cure cancer at any stage in just 30 seconds with the help of his own energy. Such treatment is nothing more than a myth. Cancer is a serious pathology, it develops at the cellular level, causes a pathological transformation of cells that cannot be cured in 30 seconds. Only an integrated approach, including surgical and non-surgical techniques used in modern clinics, is effective in the fight against cancer.

Best blood cancer treatment centers and hospitals in India

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