Why induced menopause early in 20s premature and early menopause Thanawala

The cessation of menstruation is a natural phenomenon in the life of every representative of the fair sex, but sometimes, due to various changes in the body, early menopause occurs. This is due to a rapid decrease in estrogen levels, which may be due to both heredity and various diseases. To maintain important functions of […]

Orthopedic sports injuries: prevention and safety dr. Shailendra Patil Thane, Mulund, Vashi, Navi

An active lifestyle, professional and amateur sports are good for health, but there is also a downside to the coin: sports are fraught with injuries, including very serious ones. Fractures, bruises, sprains, ruptures of ligaments and muscles are frequent companions of professional athletes and amateurs. Often sports injuries not only knock a person out of […]

Natural hair care tips for winters

The weather is changing, and the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is becoming much more noticeable. Outside in winter we are exposed to cold, wind, rain, snow, and indoors, on the contrary, it is hot, the air is dry because of the heating devices. Such a temperature difference – from heat to cold and […]

Minimal IVF vs natural in vitro fertilization IVF

Quite a long while prior, two or three focuses revealed that if a lady had a FSH level more than 15, her prosperity rate with in Vitro preparation (IVF) was zero. From that point forward, most doctors held emphatically to this conviction while encouraging ladies as to their best alternatives for having youngsters. Over the […]

Living with hip replacement surgery

HJ endoprosthetics is a complex orthopedic operation, followed by a long recovery. In order for rehabilitation to be successful, in the postoperative period, the patient needs to carefully monitor himself and limit himself in some things. This is the only way he will be able to avoid dangerous complications such as suppuration of a postoperative […]

Is hair transplant surgery safe or not

More and more people are resorting to operations to eliminate receding hairlines, especially hair transplantation in men has won special attention, of course, and women are resorting to hair transplantation, especially if we are talking about scars and there is no other solution to the problem. However, this procedure is not only expensive, but also […]

Increase your sexual power with Fildena 100

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual condition of a man in which he has problems maintaining or maintaining an erection. This is a common sexual dysfunction in men that occurs with age. But this problem is not part of aging. There are several reasons for this violation, which we will discuss later. What is the mechanism […]

Hysterectomy treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding

Uterine bleeding is the discharge of blood from the vagina, characterized by profusion and duration. This pathological condition is dangerous for the life and health of a woman, is a sign of serious diseases of the reproductive system.To save the patient, it is important to immediately give her first aid, find out the cause of […]

Cancer specialist doctors in Jaipur

Unfortunately, most of us, homeopathic outpatient practitioners, do not have sufficient experience in treating patients with oncological processes. But this does not mean that we should not try to help such patients. Therefore, any information coming from our colleagues with broader capabilities, knowledge and impressive results in this area of medical practice is of great […]

Erectile dysfunction things you know about treating

Erectile dysfunction isn’t a simple medical condition to analyze as there are various causes. The causes of conjointly are physical and also psychological. Physical Causes Most of the occurrences of impotence stem from physical causes. The physical causes that are commonest embody tube diseases, and systema nervosum diseases. several chronic and debilitative diseases may have a […]

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