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Sanjoy Bhattacharyya

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MBBS,DCH,MD Obstetrics & Gynecology

17 Naktala Road, Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700047, India.

+91 09836570554


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Hospital / Clinic Address:

R G Kar Medical College
17 Naktala Road
Kolkata  West Bengal  700047
Consultation Timings: 
Monday to saturday 7am to 9pm
Telephone Number: 09836570554

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Specialities & Expertise

Emergency Contraception And Family PlanningContraception And Birth Control,MenopauseFibroidsGynaecological LaparoscopyUrinary Tract Infection (UTI) For WomenLabour Pain Management areas of interest.


'Women's Health, Menopause, HRT, Infertility, Antenatal care, Sexual health, Child care, Pregnancy complications, Contraception, Adolescent gynecology, Geriatric gynecology, Gynecological cancers, Screening for Gynecological cancers, Gynecological surgery.



  • MBBS
  • MD


  • Assistant Professor in a Medical college in India.
  • Authored 16 International publications.

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        Sanjoy Kumar Bhattacharyya
        Assistant Professor Gynecology and Obstetrics, R G Kar Medical College,Kolkata,India
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        Citation indices All Since 2011
        Citations 28 27
        H-index 4 3
        i10-index 0 0

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          Successful pregnancy outcome following myomectomy of gravid uterus-two case reports
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