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Surya Rao Poodipeddi

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General Practice

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500034, India.

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Retired Medical Professional
403, Lakshminiketan, Sai Sarada Enclave, Road Number 12, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad  Andhra Pradesh  500034
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9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Telephone Number: 040-23379832

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    • MBBS (S.C.B. Medical College, Cuttack, Orissa)


    Summary of experience

    Dr Poodipeddi Surya Rao is a retired Medical professional and an active medical journalist. Graduating in Medicine and surgery in 1960 he worked in several large industrial organizations in India and abroad, for over 27 years where he held senior positions,including a short tenure as Medical Superintendent in a multispecialty hospital in Nagpur.

    Under pressure from his children he settled in Hyderabad and developed keen interest in medical writing.He wrote several articles for a leading newspaper.What started as a hobby burgeoned into full-time obsession and he now writes for several medical journals like Thyrocare Technologies, Manorama Year book(as guest author),HITAWADA a leading newspaper of Central India, Apollo Health Street for whom he used to authenticate medical articles sent to him. Having already written more articles on Know Your Infants and Know your Organs Dr.Rao answers readers’ questions on various health problems through the medium of newspapers. The hallmarks of Dr.Rao’s writings, be it an article or an answer to a readers question are meticulous research, an engaging and approachable style, and a desire to inform a larger audience while responding to a specific query. He routinely receives and responds promptly to personal letters of appreciation and medical enquiries from his readers. His prolific writings have earned him a faithful following among his readers, both in India and overseas.

    Dr.Rao has willingly sent samples of articles to those of the readers requesting to read his articles. Those interested to read Dr.Rao's articles can follow him and also send any questions they have on medical problems.

    Clinical Experience

    Associated Cement Company's Ltd (May 1965 - May 1985)

    While doing Medical practice at Bhanjanagar,Orissa, I came across a poor young boy afflicted with advanced Tetanus unable to pay for ATS.I managed the case with conventional care with magsulph injections,care of feeds and hygiene and the patient miraculously got cured. This case changed my concept of private practice where poor patients deserve attention but cannot pay. I, therefore, chose to join ASSOCIATED CEMENT COMPANIES, India's largest Cement manufacturing company with around 18+ units throughout the country, where I can be looked after well with excellent salary and free furnished quarters and fringe benefits and I can utilize my skills for the care of employees and their families with liberty to procure any medicines I want for the care of the patients without pinching their purse.

    I worked for the company at their units at Mancherial, Wadi and Shahabad from 1965 to 1985. The MD of the company was so impressed with my services that he chose to select me for their overseas plant in Yanbu,Saudi Arabia on deputation fur 3 years amidst 60 medical officers most of them senior to me and repatriated to Shahabad.

    There is a saying "A DOCTOR IN AN INDUSTRY IS LIKE A PROSTITUTE who is required to satisfy the needs of every one from labor to top management. Unable to cope up with the demands of management to frequently transfer me to far away units when my parents were sick with Heart problems and my wife needed consultations at Hyderabad which is very near from Shahabad, I put my papers after 20 years of faithful & loyal services and settled down at Hyderabad doing Private Practice.

    At a time when i was fast picking up my practice God willed it otherwise and took away my wife on 29th Aug 1990. That was when the MD of Voltas whom I happened to have treated in the dead of night during his visit to Hyderabad,took interest in my services and offered me the job of medical officer at their refrigerator plant at Warora in September 1990.

    Voltas Ltd. (September 1990 - September 1997)

    In charge of Medical Center at Voltas Refrigerator Plant,Warora, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra. The goal was to address health needs of employees and families of the company. When I was supposed to retire in 1995 from the services after completing 58 years as per company's rules, the unit head Mr.A.B.Singhal appreciating my services recommended extension of my services for another 2 years and till 1997.

    During my service at Voltas,I was required to visit Nagpur for consultations in respect of serious patients requiring hospitalised treatment. Few of my visits were to RADHAKRISHNA HOSPITAL & RESEARCH INSTUTE ,a multidisciplinary hospital where my patients were admitted. 

    Radha Krishna Hospital & Research Institute (September 1997 - September 2000)

    The secretary of the managing committee of the hospital Mr.Prahlad Rai Agarwal offered me the post of MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT as soon as I retire from Voltas. I accepted this challenging job as Medical Superintendent for RHRI at Nagpur with residential accommodation in the hospital compound. I was responsible to bring down the losses to a break even level and introduce new procedures to cut down pilferage and imbibe punctuality and cut down costs. At a time when things were looking good my son insisted that I should not continue being alone there (I lost my wife in 1990 and preferred to remain single since then) and insisted that I should shift to Hyderabad. This lead to my settling down at Hyderabad in 2000.

    While continuing Medical Practice I developed a liking for medical journalism ultimately burgeoning into an obsession to write several Medical articles for leading newspapers and e-zines. I also answer readers questions on any of their medical problems which lead to frequent queries and emails which I attend to promptly. Thanks to my son I lead a very comfortable life in my own flat which again was a gracious gift from my son.

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      Life member of Indian Medical Association (IMA)

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