Can progesterone helps to get pregnant

Proper functioning of the female body is possible when all the hormones produced by the ovaries, hypothalamus, pituitary gland and other endocrine glands are in balance. If the concentration of one or more hormones decreases or increases, a hormonal imbalance occurs. It leads to various health problems, because hormones regulate the work of all organs […]

2019 worlds breast feeding week at thanawala maternity home Vashi Navi Mumbai

From August 1-7, the World Breastfeeding Week is being held on the initiative of WHO (World Health Organization). From year to year, the organization’s activities are aimed at protecting, encouraging and supporting breastfeeding. The goal is to inform women as much as possible about the benefits of breastfeeding for the health of not only the […]

Who goes for IVF infertility treatment view age fertility detail male and female specification

Infertility is considered a situation when a couple leads a regular sexual life without protection for a year, and pregnancy does not occur. Such a period is taken for analysis, because not every sexual act, even in a couple without any problems, leads to conception. Natural fertility, or in another way the ability to conceive— […]


Infertility is a fairly common problem. Every year the number of infertile couples only increases. There are more than two dozen infertility factors. In more than 60 percent of cases, the causes of infertility are directly related to a woman’s health, the rest are the male factor. The diagnosis of infertility is made to a […]

Precaution to taken before joint replacement surgery by dr. Shailendra Patil

Why do I need to prepare for surgery in advance? In order for the recovery stage after joint replacement surgery to take place with the greatest benefit and with the least discomfort, it is worth preparing yourself and your home in advance for this stage of treatment. The following information will be useful in preparing […]

Cost of myomectomyfibroids removal surgery treatment in Vashi Navi Mumbai Thanawala

According to WHO, fibroids (a benign tumor in the uterus) occur in every fourth woman of reproductive age. 80% of women are at risk of acquiring this disease during their lifetime, since this formation can develop at any age. Uterine fibroids can cause infertility. It is also impossible to ignore the risk of pathological growth […]

Best blood cancer treatment centers and hospitals in India

Cancer treatment in India is a combination of advanced medical achievements with ayuverda. This approach, backed up by centuries of experience in spiritual healing, significantly enhances the effect of treatment. Cancer treatment in India is often much more successful than in hospitals in Europe. Benefits of Cancer Treatment in India In recent years, India has […]

ACL-reconstruction brings back the stability and strength of the knee

The knee joint is one of the most traumatic (along with the shoulder joint). Injuries to menisci, ligaments, fractures are only part of the problems that a person can face. The most prone to knee injuries are athletes of contact sports – football players, rugby players, hockey players. Most often, hockey players, football players and […]

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