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Orthopedic surgery is a highly specialized stream in the medical science that requires high levels of precision and proficiency.

Amongst various surgeries performed by them, the knee replacement surgery is the most delicate one. Dr. Shailendra Patil In Mulund is a well-known orthopedic surgeon who has performed successful lateral partial knee replacement surgeries.

Dr. Patil is the first surgeon to perform partial medical compartmental knee operation in Navi Mumbai. His skills of performing navigated as well as conventional knee replacement have been admired and acknowledged by patients.

The reviews remarks, and feedback proves that he is the best doctor to perform the latest techniques of knee surgeries such as patellofemoral replacement, Unicompartmental knee replacement, and patient-matched technology.

Not only knee replacement surgeries, but he offers the latest treatment choices for sports injuries in his bone and joint care center.

Dr. Patil is a Fellow Sports Medicine (Joint Arthroscopy) & Joint Reconstructive Surgery from Arcus sports clinic forum Germany.

Patient reviews underpin his expertise

The skill of a doctor is not determined by how many surgeries he has performed but what people say after undergoing surgeries.

Dr. Shailendra Patil review indicates that he has successfully performed surgeries of different complexity levels.

The patients belong to different age groups, occupations and qualification standards.

With the key specialization in partial knee replacement, golden knee replacement, and painless and minimal-stitch total knee replacement surgeries he helps patients in living a normal life.

Reviews given by patients who underwent ACL reconstruction and Arthroscopic surgeries pay their sincere thanks to Dr Patil for bringing new dawn hope in their lives.

His ‘human touch’ is more prominent in all reviews

A doctor is known by not just his medical expertise but more for personal qualities.

The reviews given by patients for Dr. Shailendra Patil underline that he is a thorough gentleman and kind at heart.

He gives the right advice to his patients and doesn’t recommend surgery unless it is inevitable. So many patients have acknowledged that he avoided surgery and relieved the patient by giving alternative treatment.

Whether it is knee replacement or hip joint surgery, spine operation or ligament repair, treatment given for frozen shoulder or an emergency operation; patients thank him for his incredible patient handling qualities, softheartedness and sincerity.

Dr Patil offers a wide spectrum of surgeries, sports surgeries and fracture management. He has a fully-functional clinic in Mulund, and he gives consultancy at different hospitals in Thane and Vashi.

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Dr Shailendra patil

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