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for how long a child of 12 yrs is usually advised to use linid . he was suffering from osteomyelitis.. Orthopedics 02-Aug-2016 01:06:22 1
I get a shooting pain in the shoulder blade fixed point, what do i do about.. Orthopedics 27-Jul-2016 11:23:25 1
I am female. 24 years old. I am suffering from hand, shoulder and neck pain. I had a join problem on my.. Orthopedics 01-Jul-2016 19:35:06 1
I am male,25 suffering from pain in and under my knees which worsens when I squat or sit for long.. Orthopedics 20-May-2016 11:19:42 1
My mom is suffering from knee cap problem.What is the best treatment for.. Orthopedics 30-Apr-2016 15:28:46 1
What are the types and causes of Knee.. Orthopedics 30-Mar-2016 14:33:30 1
pain when I walk and get out of bed Orthopedics 06-Dec-2015 07:39:22 1
I am 5 months post op hip arthroscopy, bone spur s.. Orthopedics 05-Nov-2015 00:12:39 1
muscle pain Orthopedics 07-Aug-2015 11:51:22 1
Knee Joint Corrected Orthopedics 02-Jun-2015 21:22:18 1
is it broken? Orthopedics 31-May-2015 09:11:18 1
hip pain Orthopedics 19-May-2015 18:50:39 1
is there any possible chances of getting taller, once your bones are fused at the age of 18? Orthopedics 02-May-2015 05:30:40 1
is black cheakpea channa is responsible for uric acid? Orthopedics 27-Apr-2015 22:51:54 1
My ct scan report says "sclerotic lesion in femoral head" and bifidus spine at stage S1. My doctor says no problem. But, I still worried on this issue. Orthopedics 21-Apr-2015 10:51:40 1
is masterbate is effent on knee ligament injury? Orthopedics 17-Mar-2015 00:05:20 1
i got limb linghing surgry got it off then got kicked. Orthopedics 13-Mar-2015 18:22:41 1
I am suffering from back pain.Mainly disk pain. Orthopedics 28-Feb-2015 20:04:45 1
what is the cause of my foot pain Orthopedics 21-Feb-2015 14:07:07 1
After being hit in my ribs I feel localized discomfort and moderate pain when performing certain movements or breathing deeply, could it be a fracture? Should I see a doc to take X-rays althought I can resist the pain and there is no imflammation? Thanks Orthopedics 05-Feb-2015 13:43:00 1
unilateral ankle joint pain Orthopedics 30-Jan-2015 11:25:30 1
left foot Orthopedics 29-Jan-2015 03:02:46 1
MRI Report - Can non operative treatment heal such type of fracture Orthopedics 27-Jan-2015 21:52:12 1
left knee and left foot Orthopedics 21-Jan-2015 05:43:40 1
hurt ankle Orthopedics 31-Dec-2014 10:03:41 1
when should i go to the doctors Orthopedics 12-Dec-2014 06:08:04 1
MRI - Lower Spine Orthopedics 22-Nov-2014 21:31:42 1
ankle and great toe Orthopedics 01-Nov-2014 18:12:21 1
CT SCan Orthopedics 31-Oct-2014 13:00:56 1
how to cure knee pain? Orthopedics 29-Oct-2014 13:49:14 2
I hv spine tb my legs were paralyised i hv gone through a five days steroids injection course and know i m fine able to walk but still sometime i fell swelling and itchness on right side of lower waist is it nornal? And past 1month i am on att drugs Orthopedics 18-Oct-2014 01:20:04 2
How long is my recovery and one of my restricted from doing? can I go to school? Orthopedics 06-Oct-2014 09:42:50 1
knee pain for years getting worse Orthopedics 05-Oct-2014 05:20:10 1
can you break a foot but still be able to walk on it? Orthopedics 17-Sep-2014 22:19:45 2
what should I eat/drink for calcium Orthopedics 16-Sep-2014 14:00:10 2
how long does a sprained finger take to heal Orthopedics 07-Sep-2014 09:10:36 1
foot pain on outside of foot Orthopedics 09-Aug-2014 12:24:12 1
my hubby complains of low back pain and neck pain frequently, need opinion Orthopedics 11-Jul-2014 10:46:52 1
i have a grinding sensation in my knuckle bruising and swelling Orthopedics 05-Jun-2014 13:22:19 1
I know I didn't fracture it but could I have pulled a muscle? Orthopedics 17-May-2014 20:59:30 1
I don't know what is exactly wrong with my ankle Orthopedics 17-May-2014 12:53:02 1
what can I do to treat extreme foot pain Orthopedics 09-May-2014 05:42:16 2
I am having lower back pain and its almost like cramps and pain is not going anywhere Orthopedics 01-May-2014 10:36:00 1