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Health Checkups in Bangalore

Health checkup is the way to a healthy life, as it can help early detection of diseases if any, and take necessary steps to prevent from occurrence of disorders. It also helps modify lifestyle choices that could be risk factors for various ailments like diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases, obesity etc.

Irregular lifestyle habits are often seen in fast growing cities like Bangalore, and other metropolitan cities leading to several disorders over time.

The findings of a survey done by Metropolis Healthcare Ltd on Bangalore population for two years, for Fasting Blood Sugar, showed over 52% of the sample having diabetes. This indicates the staggering lifestyle conditions prevailing in Bangalore similar to other metropolitan cities in India.

Further, key findings of the sample show:

  • 55% males were diabetic

  • Over 50% females of all samples were diabetic

  • Over 11% in the age group 20 to 30 were diabetic

Bangalore suffers from the same major urbanization problems and epidemic public health crisis due to severe water shortage and sewage problems in poor and working-class sections of the society. Random sampling study of the Air Quality Index (AQI) of twenty stations within the city ranged from 76 to 314 score, suggesting heavy to severe air pollution in traffic congested areas.

Therefore getting regular health-checkups done, can serve as a preventive measure or if you already have diabetes or any other disorder, it helps in effective management of the disease, say doctors. Several hospitals offer a range of health checkup packages in Bangalore to help you select the one that suits you in a location convenient to you.

With literacy of 87.67% literacy in Bangalore, spreading awareness about preventive healthcare can go a long way in helping people take up health checkup packages from various hospitals and lead healthier lives.