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Health Checkup Package - Mumbai

Health Checkups are key to monitoring your health status from time-to-time. Considering the current jet-paced life and the poor lifestyle (fast food and lack of exercise) especially in cities like Mumbai, people are prone to diseases with several risk factors at their brink. Additionally high pollution, lack of water, poor hygiene conditions calls for more risk factors causing serious diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular etc.

Therefore as a preventive measure, doctors recommend that everybody above 30 years of age should go for a health checkup regardless of their current health status be it good or bad, because it helps early detection of diseases. This is because many a time there may not be visible symptoms of a disorder until it becomes chronic.

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Most of these packages are customized to cater to working population with high stress levels and leading a sedentary lifestyle – high risk factor for diseases.