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Infectious disorders

  • Zika Virus - The Latest Threat to Mankind

    After Ebola, it's now Zika virus that's threatening the mankind. Zika is the new vector borne disease that has attained a pandemic status across countries of South America and a few cities in US...
    03/02/2016 by Dr.
  • Sweaty Feet: A Risk Factor for Athlete's Foot Disease

    Have your ever experienced extreme itching just after taking off your socks and shoes and wondered why it is so? Does it itch between toes? If so, it could be athlete’s foot, a contagious fungal...
    02/01/2016 by Dr.
  • HIV and AIDS - Prevention,Screening and Treatment

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a viral infection with 2.1 million living with it in India, as of 2013 study. Despite the various awareness and education programs implemented by various...
    30/11/2015 by Dr.
  • Mumps

    Mumps is an infection which primarily affects the parotid glands. This is a viral infection which affects one of the salivary glands that are situated near the lower region of the ears. Mumps...
    18/05/2015 by Dr.
  • Leprosy

    Leprosy is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis. It's one of the oldest diseases known to man and it is also called as Hansen's...
    02/04/2015 by Dr.
  • Tackling Measles

          Measles also called as morbilli, rubeola, or red measles is an infectious disease (viral infection) that typically affects children, mostly below 5 years of age. The virus causing Measles,...
    02/03/2015 by Dr.
  • Listeria

    Listeria refers to a rare but severe bacterial (Listeria monocytogenes) infection that often spreads through contaminated food like raw and improperly processed meat, unpasteurized milk products,...
    09/02/2015 by Dr.
  • Chlamydia: An STD Disorder

    Chlamydia is one of the commonest causative organisms of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in both sexes. Although Chlamydia may affect any age, the infection is quite common in young women. In...
    07/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Symptoms of Swine Flu

    Dealing with Swine Flu

    Swine flu is an infection caused by one of the swine influenza viruses which are endemic in pigs. The different types of Swine Influenza Viruses (SIV) are: H1N1 H1N2 H2N1 H3N1 H3N2...
    05/01/2015 by Dr.
  • Norovirus Infection

    Norovirus infection is caused by a group of viruses which cause inflammation of the large intestine and stomach lining which results is sudden onset of severe diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramps...
    26/12/2014 by Dr.