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Health Tips

Health Tips

South Beach Diet for Weight Loss

South Beach Diet is the title of a popular dieting book, written by Dr. Arthur Agatston, Cardiologist, director of the Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr.

Category: Digestive System

Paneer vs Tofu: Nutritional Value

Paneer and tofu both are high protein foods, often opted by vegetarians for protein intake.

Category: Digestive System

When Is the Right Time to Exercise Post Delivery?

Doctors often recommend six weeks as the minimum length of time for women to wait after delivery before resuming their exercise routines.

Category: Gynaecological conditions

Cow Milk or Buffalo Milk: Which is Better?

Buffalo milk or cow milk, do you often wonder as to which one is better considering its nutritive value and taste?

Category: General Medicine

Negative-Calorie Foods to Get Rid of Baby Weight

Negative-calorie foods are foods that boost your metabolism and help you lose weight post pregnancy.

Category: Gynaecological conditions

The Key to Happiness In the New Year

The New Year is here, yet again. And a clean white canvas is in front of you, to paint it the way you want!

Category: Psychology

10 SMART Health Goals For A Healthy Life!

The one goal that helps you achieve every other goal is the HEALTH Goal! Being well and feeling well is an integral part of life. If you don’t feel well physically or mentally, there’s hardly anything you can achieve.

Category: Others

Get Wrinkle-Free and Fabulous Skin for the Year-End Parties

A host of parties are lined up for Christmas and year-end? Love to look your best and grab that second look for your radiant looking skin? But, worried you can’t, because of the wrinkles and dull skin?  

Category: Skin

Avoid Binge Drinking: Health Caveat

With Christmas vacation round the corner, food, fun and frolic naturally become part of the holiday package. But, put health on top of the list, through all the fun and exotic parties.

Category: General Medicine

Blood Pressure Med Cannot Be Missed

If you are diagnosed of High Blood Pressure and advised medication, you must take it without missing it, as advised by your doctor.

Category: Circulatory System