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  • The Key to Happiness In the New Year

    The New Year is here, yet again. And a clean white canvas is in front of you, to paint it the way you want! A fulfilling year ahead, in all aspects of our life, be it, career, health, personal life, relationships, spiritual, or any other, is the hope. We wish and hope for ourselves and for others around us, that we have a happy year ahead! Happiness is the bottom line, in whatever we do, wherever we go, whichever way we can get it. Everybody wants it, period.

    What is Happiness?

    It means different things to different people depending on what their values, priorities, or life’s hopes are. Some say it is elusive, and some others call it a “state of mind”. Some find it easily, and some never seem to know it ever.

    Broadly it is the contentment that one feels within, that makes them happy. How can you experience contentment? Contentment comes from being satisfied with what you have, rather than getting tired running after something which seems beyond your reach. It is not about being complacent, but striving hard to fulfill your dreams, at the same time, willing to accept what life gives you, or that comes your way.

    How can we achieve Happiness?

    Certainly we all look for positive changes in our lives. This comes with some effort made to achieve those changes. Instead of just hoping for those changes to come by, in your life, every effort must be made to make it happen with focused goals or vision – for a happier 2016.

    Here are five ways to open up Happiness in your lives:

    Maintain a Daily Journal: “Journal is like whispering to oneself and listening at the same time” Writing a journal helps you evaluate and analyze things. A journal is not a dairy, but a place where you write down events in your daily life, experiences, shortcomings, feelings, interactions, success strategies, achievements and failures.

    It helps you evaluate and analyze the various situations and events in your day-to-day life and understand yourself better. Medical researchers say they found that writing a private journal helps improve your health, attitude and your immune system too, even if you spend just 15 minutes a day.

    Rise Early: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” said Benjamin Franklin. Getting up before the sunrise is a gift you can give yourself. It gives you that extra time which you so much want. The early hours are blissfully peaceful and quiet. A 30 minute meditation in the early hours fills your day with peace and helps your body and mind relax. Another 30 minutes of walk or exercises energize you, before you get on with your hectic schedule of the day. It helps you stay in control of the day ahead, rather than the day controlling you, because you can plan your day better. You will stop complaining and start living your day, reversing what you used to do before.

    Most great authors and successful people in life have been able to achieve what they want, by getting up early in the morning. A day well started is a day well lived. It’s the success mantra.

    Keep a Positive Attitude: “A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” Wade Boggs.

    Attitude is everything. Whatever attitude you apply to the things you do, so will be the result. A positive attitude will yield positive results and a negative attitude, negative results. Half the battle is won in achieving anything, when you press the positive attitude button. Don’t let the negative emotions bother you, let go of it.

    Train your mind to think positive, engage in doing positive things, speak positive and live positive. It does a world of good to your health. Your immune system performs better, makes you feel good, with the release of positive hormones in your body and therefore better gives better results to whatever you do.

    Stay Healthy: “He has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”. Make a vow to stay healthy. The healthier you are the better your will perform. Value your health and give time to work on it. Before hoping for many things in life, strive for good health because that is what makes you achieve everything in life. Health and fitness is a big part of living healthypositive and successful life. Though we know this, it’s about motivating yourself to achieving it.

    Health begins with eating healthy, thinking healthy, staying physically active, and doing healthy stuff. Eating healthy plant-based food (vegetables and fruits) nuts and Mediterranean diet is very good for health say researchers. Regular exercises, be it walking, jogging, swimming, boosts energy and increases blood and oxygen circulation, enhances your overall health. Maintain an ideal BMI of less than 25.

    Practice Giving and Forgiving and Gratitude: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,” says Mahatma Gandhi. When you forgive the other person for your sake and not for that person’s sake, it makes you instantly happy. Similarly, practice giving. “Only by giving, you are able to receive more than you have already achieved.” When you lift others with what you have, it gives you immense satisfaction, that which you cannot buy. Giving and forgiving helps you rise above others and puts you on a higher plane. It is very gratifying to the soul and lifts up your spirit.

    There is always much to be grateful for, and be thankful for all that you are blessed with – a home, a family, siblings, parents, food, shelter, clothing. We often forget the things we have and crave for what we do not have. Once you count the things you have, you will be more than happy and grateful.

    To be happy, spread happiness, it’s your choice, after all.

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    31/12/2015 by Dr.
  • Beat Depression

    Few tips to beat depression

    Create limited trustworthy relationships 

    Engange in social activities 

    Sleep for 8 hours 

    Do workouts 

    Get exposed to sunlight 

    Take up relaxing habits 

    Travel and 

    Eat healthy food.



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