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A workout for your body shape straight apple pear or hourglass

Physique features should be taken into account not only when choosing clothes, but also when planning fitness training. The choice of exercises, the training mode and other parameters of the training process depend on the type of figure. Fitness training by type of figure The body type is genetically predetermined and is unchangeable throughout life. […]

10 secret foods to fight depression before your d day

Depression can occur due to excessive fatigue, against the background of serious problems at work or in personal life, due to the loss of a loved one, or simply for no particular reason in the autumn or spring period. What helps to cope with depression? A walk in the fresh air, a meeting with friends, […]

10 effective yoga stretches for strengthening muscles

Are you still a beginner in the world of yoga, and you want to get comfortable here in order to improve your body, maintain health at the proper level, and also begin to develop spiritual principles of being? Then you should start practicing yoga at home in order to understand and feel all the pros […]

Fitness a must to boost brain health among kids

Health is unthinkable without movement. And if it is sometimes difficult for us to persuade ourselves to exercise once again, then children are happy to do it themselves. After the child goes, there is no stopping him. The kid continuously explores the world around him through sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. In the first […]

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