Latest fitness trends

Fitness industry is getting hotter by the day, attracting more people to get fit. Fitness is a key component to staying healthy and this awareness is on the rise. With new trends in the fitness world, coming up every year, the whole fitness battle is getting more interesting. The American College of Sports and Medicine’s worldwide survey of fitness trends for the year has listed squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees and planks as the No 1 fitness trend.

Check out  the top fitness trends this season:

1. Gladiator Workout- Body weight training never goes old. Gladiator workout is another form of body weight training mixed with combat training (fights and self-defence moves). A routine full of basic exercises such as pushups, squats, plyometric jumping, lunges, kicks, punches can boost up your stamina, increase your speed, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): Interval training was the No.1 fitness trend in the year 2014.  This works best for people who desperately want to shed weight faster and get toned. Intensive interval training is focused on breaking the target muscles at a very high intensity for a shorter duration. For the given duration (1-2 mins, depending on one’s fitness level) your body speeds up at its maximum level, heart rate increases at 90 % of your max heart rate, which results in burning more calories. This followed by a recovery time (2-4 mins, may vary for individuals) to bring the heart rate to normal and muscles to get relaxed and then repeat. This process is repeated several times in a session. HIIT is very effective in increasing one’s cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance.

3. BMXCrossFit- BMXCross Fit is a booming trend in the present day. It is an intensive training technique, which comprises of functional movements to strengthen the muscles and to tone up the body. BMXCrossFit is an advanced and refined version of Cross Fit; wherein, biomechanical movements are the prime focus to minimize the chances of injury and maximize results. Chances of injury are 400-500 times higher in traditional ways than BMXCrossFit and you have a choice in altering the routine as per the fitness level.

4. SteelFlexx ®- Fitness Expert Neeraj Mehta developed this technique after a lot of research and study. SteelFlexx is a technique to perform traditional Yoga movements with external weight loads such as Barbells, Dumbbells etc.. Yoga poses help you in enhancing your flexibility level, while weights hit your muscles. Women have a special liking for this technique. This workout program is really effective in  enhancing one’s flexibility and muscle strength with proper breathing pattern, which also increases the concentration level.

5. BMXCoreBlast- The preference to have a lean abdomen or defining abdominal muscles will never go out of fashion. Chances are that Core Blast will always be a fitness fashion trend. BMXCoreBlast technique based workouts are designed to hit the core muscles and pelvic girdle with maximum intensity.If you want to get those 6 Packs, basic crunches will not help. As the name suggests, BMXCoreBlast comprises of hundreds of variations to isolate the core abdominal muscles, with focus on the right body posture and movements.

6. BMXStrength® training: BMXStrength® technique is the latest trend in strength training. (developed by fitness expert Dr. Neeraj Mehta). This exercise technique is scientifically proven to enhance your muscles strength four times faster than the traditional strength training ways. It concentrates on correct body movements as per the body mechanics, injury and ensures faster results

7. Gladiator Yoga: Gladiator yoga is a combination of combat movement and supreme yoga stretches. It is based on dramatic marshal art attack & defence sequences along with Tai-chi meditation (meditation with motion). The technique involves several body balancing movements, extreme stretching, exhalation and inhalation with a lot of screaming which is termed as diaphragmatic and costal breathing. This breathing technique generates a lot of power and concentration, which helps in body balancing during the extreme stretches, as your brain is completely alert when you are screaming.

8. TABATA: Tabata is another form of HIIT. This technique is specially designed for people who struggle with their busy schedule to find time for exercising. “4 mins is all you need,” Dr. Mehta suggests, “and you can enhance your body 200 times faster.” Tabata is a very high intensity cardio workout. Pick any cardio activity such as jumping, running etc. and perform that activity for 20 seconds with as much strength as possible, then rest for 10 seconds, repeat this activity 7 times, this calculates to around 4 mins. And the result will surprise you. It helps in burning the fat faster, gaining muscle strength and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.

Latest fitness trends

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