Rendezvous with yoga

Yoga it’s basis and application
We have all heard of yoga and know that it is beneficial in some way. But if we were asked what exactly yoga means or how does one gain from it, then we would be pondering and be lost for words. The general impression is that yoga is ‘not-so-kool’ and that it is boring. However, contrary to popular belief, yoga is very interesting and can help you achieve all those goals that you have been striving to. Read on and know it for yourself.

What is the basis of yoga?

Yoga is based on the force of life. It is a science which not only helps us understand how to live our life fully and meaningfully but also provides us with tools that can help do so. The primary goal that can be achieved through yoga is to live healthily, joyfully and enjoying every moment of life.

What does Yoga mean? What are its roots? What does it imply in common man’s terms?

Etymologically, ‘yog’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means ‘to bind’. Yoga is a perfect union of the body and the mind. Yoga is living a balanced life, being physically and mentally strong, being aware about your body and being in charge of your mind. So, yoga helps in concentration and coordination.
Yoga is not for preaching but for practice. It has many applications for everybody. In our mundane activities we can apply the knowledge of yoga and do our routine with greater efficiency. One can understand oneself better and develop strength to stay positive even in the most challenging situations.

What are the various dimensions of Yoga?

Yoga touches all spheres of life – physical, mental and spiritual. It is very systematic and rational.
When you practice yoga, you are not asked to follow anything blindly. You are helped to understand the rationale behind all the yogic techniques and procedures. And these techniques in turn help you evolve into a better individual – physically healthier and mentally stronger. With regular practice and a strong belief, anyone who practices the art of yoga will see results for sure.

What are the benefits of yoga?

There is a magnitude of advantages of practicing yoga. It has a very holistic approach and hence it helps in making every section and every phase of life worth living.
We have all attended workshops and seminars that tell us how important it is to have a pleasant personality, good body language, strong interpersonal skills and to be confident. Through asanas (yoga poses), pranayamas (breathing techniques), mudras and kriyas (other yogic practices) one can achieve all these soft skills with a lot of ease. And the best part is that while doing so, you are also simultaneously taking steps towards keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Yoga also helps you develop the right perspective towards life and live your life. It teaches you how to rise above the sufferings and trains you to manage your life well.

What are the types of yoga?

Broadly, there are four major categories of yoga at a conceptual level – Jnan Yog, Bhakti Yog, Karma Yog and Raj yog. To put it in simple words, Jnan Yoga is knowledge driven, Bhakti Yog is driven by faith, Karma Yog is action oriented and Raj Yog emphasizes on the role of pleasure and pain.

What is the science behind yoga?

The material world is in a state of constant transition. Change is the inevitable reality. However, what is more permanent is pure consciousness. So, we have to understand this fact and must make an effort to not get affected by the material world. We must look beyond the obvious and grow. It’s only through experience that a person grows.
Health according to yoga is a state of integration, harmony and balance. Through ancient yoga techniques you prevent, control and manage various health conditions – cardiac problems, respiratory troubles, stress, orthopaedic disorders, diabetes and weight issues, to name a few. Yoga synchronizes interactions of all layers of human existence.
Rendezvous with yoga

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