Sexy workout for men

In the modern world, everyone is in a hurry somewhere, fussing, there is constant stress everywhere. The strong half of humanity is experiencing excessive stress, which, of course, negatively affects the reproductive system.

In this article, a set of simple exercises for restoring and improving potency is presented for you.

Yoga Exercises

The first set of exercises is borrowed from yoga. It activates blood circulation in the pelvic region, affects the nerve plexuses, improves the function of the endocrine glands. Consult with a trainer or a doctor and start practicing.

Rubbing the coccyx

In the back position, bend your knees, put your hands behind your head. Breathe your stomach 12 times at a fast pace. Then move the pelvis slightly to the sides 24 times, as if rubbing the coccyx.


Lie on your back with your head against the wall (at a distance of half a meter from the wall). Arms along the body. Lift your feet up and try to touch the wall with your socks. If possible, fix this position and move your toes down. Stay in this position. Take 4-6 breaths. Then slowly bend the legs, return to the starting position, relax the muscles of the body, breathe deeply. If this exercise turns out well, you can complicate it a little. When inhaling, throw your legs over your head so that your fingers touch the floor. Close your eyes and breathe with your stomach (diaphragm). Take 4-6 breaths in and out. Then, on exhalation, slowly straighten up so that the vertebrae touch the floor one by one. When the back lies on the floor, straighten your legs vertically upwards, take a deep breath, and slowly lower your legs on exhalation. Relax the muscles of the body. Repeat 4-6 times.

“Pelvic rotation”

Sit on a chair astride (facing the back). Holding the back, rotate the pelvis in a circle. Breathe with your stomach and during exhalation sharply retract the anus (anus). The rotation of the pelvis is very smooth. During one rotation, have time to inhale and exhale. Repeat 8-16 times. Sit down, relax completely.


The body position mimics the pose of a cobra. Lie on your stomach, bend your arms, rest your palms on the floor at armpit level, lift your elbows up. Straighten and close your legs, pull out your socks. While inhaling, slowly lift your head. Leaning on your hands, lift your shoulders. Hold your breath for a few seconds, tilt your head back. During exhalation, lower the chest and head, lie down, relaxing the muscles. Repeat 4-8 times.


To stand at a distance of half a step from the wall (facing the wall) so that lightly resting your fingers on the wall, it was convenient to shift from foot to foot, without lifting your socks off the floor. A kind of running on the spot.


Lie on your stomach. Bend your knees, lift them up and take hold of your ankles with your hands. During exhalation, lift your legs up. Lower your legs, lie down, relax, breathe calmly. If it is difficult to reach the ankles, you can use a belt or towel. Repeat at first 4 times, and then bring the repetition up to 12 times.


Retraction of the abdomen. Stand up, legs apart shoulder-width apart. After inhaling and slowly exhaling, the torso should be tilted slightly down, put your palms on your hips and, while holding your breath, pull in the lower abdomen. Bend your knees and lift your shoulders. Suck in your stomach. While holding your breath, you should try to pull in the anus (anus). Repeat 3 to 10 times.

Exercises should be performed daily an hour and a half before meals or two hours after meals.

The complex according to the method of Dr. Frank Sommer

Exercise 1. “Parade step”

You stand straight, your hands are lowered down, and begin to walk as high as possible, raising your knees and pressing them to your stomach.

Exercise 2. “Hold the stone”

You are standing straight, hands on the belt, as in exercise 1. Knees slightly bent. Now bend your knees harder and tighten and relax the muscles of the buttocks several times, as if holding a stone clamped between them. Straighten up without extending your knees to the end.

Exercise 3. “Skipping”

You are standing straight, knees slightly bent. You start, as it were, running on the spot, but without lifting your socks off the floor, but only alternately heels – quickly shifting in place from foot to foot and as quickly as possible putting your knees alternately forward. Only the knees move – back and forth! The exercise should be performed with maximum speed and at first no more than one minute.

Exercise 4. “Bridge”

You are lying on your back, knees bent, feet resting on the floor. Arms along the body. You touch the floor evenly with your back. Now lift the pelvis.

Exercise 5. “Muscles of potency”

Perhaps the main exercise to increase potency. You lie on your back as in exercise 4, legs slightly apart, and begin to strain and relax the “muscles of potency” directly. They are located inside between the anus and the testicles, where the invisible trunk of the penis extension passes inside your body. You can feel them, feel them with your fingers at the moment of tension. To develop them, you need to try, as if straining, to move, bring the anus and testicles closer. A similar tension occurs if you restrain urination – while the muscles of the buttocks remain relaxed! When performing this exercise, the goal is not the amount of exercise, but the strength with which you will be able to cause tension of the “muscles of potency”.

Exercise 6. “Vacuum cleaner”

Another exercise for the development of “muscles of potency”. You are sitting on a chair, slightly leaning forward, but your shoulders should be straightened. Imagine that buckwheat was poured on the chair seat, for example, and you are trying to mentally suck it into yourself with the area between the testicles and the anus like a vacuum cleaner. Relax and repeat the exercise several times. If you do the exercise correctly, then the muscles of the buttocks remain almost relaxed.

General recommendations

The load should be increased gradually, the number of exercises depends on your feelings, at first each exercise should be performed no more than 10 times – you will still notice the effect after a couple of days.

(!) Don’t forget to consult your doctor.


By the way, to enhance the effect in this matter, you can use natural (mild in effect, safe and at the same time highly effective) aphrodisiacs. Such as essential oils of Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang or Cinnamon.

Natural essential oils – aphrodisiacs

Natural Rose Essential Oil

Oil No. 1 when there is a desire to revive the spark of love.
To do this, use rose oil during intimacy.
To enhance desire and sensuality, apply one drop of Rose diluted in advance in 10 drops of jojoba oil or grape seed. Also apply the same drop of Rose to the heart chakra for yourself and your partner.

A nice bonus for girls:
Rose strengthens the uterus, regulates menstruation and relieves cramps.
But only natural Rose oil has all these wonderful properties.

Natural Jasmine Essential Oil

Stimulates and awakens sensuality.
Relieves stress, helps to remove emotional blocks, relieves fear, anxiety and gives a slight feeling of euphoria.
According to one legend, Jasmine was used by Cupid (the God of Love) and was found on the tip of his arrows.

Natural Ylang-ylang Essential Oil

It causes a slight feeling of euphoria, relaxes the nervous partner and stimulates the senses. It has been used for a long time to calm anger, fear, remove frigidity and increase self-esteem. Helps strengthen feelings.

Natural Cinnamon Essential Oil

Strengthens the senses, calms the nerves and improves blood circulation. Cinnamon increases desire and creativity.

Sexy workout for men

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