Some exercises for a frequent traveler fitness expert

Are you a frequent traveller? Does this hamper your workout routine? While frequent travelling can make it difficult to keep up with your fitness, there are ways you can work on it. Find out some effective tips and exercises suggested by Fitness Expert Neeraj Mehta that can help you stay fit even while travelling:

Short duration circuit: You may be on a busy schedule while out on a business trip and may not have time for a 40-60 minutes exercise session. You can go for short duration workout such as 7-minute interval training which can be done in your hotel’s Gymnasium. Any cardio activity such as running on a treadmill for 30 seconds with your maximum level of intensity, then resting for 15 seconds and repeating 9 more times, can help. This high intensity workout is very effective for burning calories and strengthening your stamina.

Body Weight Exercises: In the case where your hotel does not have a fitness club,a body weight-bearing exercise would help. Some of the exercises that can be performed in the hotel room itself are squats, lunges, pushups, burpees, crunches, plank. Either you can make a circuit or pick up any one of your choice. Free hand exercise increases stamina, endurance and build over-all body strength.

Yoga Stretches: If you are a yoga practitioner then you don’t have to skip your practice while travelling. You can do yoga stretches in your hotel room. Just find a comfortable place and start the session. You can do surya namaskar, triangle pose, bridge pose, warrior pose or any other pose you are comfortable with, but must be done at leisure and not in a hurry. Yoga exercises really relax your body and mind.

Aerobics Dance: Aerobics is a good choice for travellers. Make some space in your hotel room, put on the DVD and start the session. You can also use your hotel’s gymnasium, that way you may get some partners for your session. Aerobics is very effective in building cardiovascular strength and increasing over all body strength.

Outdoor Activity: Look for any park around the hotel. You can take a walk in the park or may try some running there. Borrow or rent a cycle and go for cycling. You can participate in some group activities as well. You will in fact get a chance to get along with people and make friends. Outdoor activities can be a real stress buster and refreshing.

Fitness Expert Neeraj Mehta says, “Though it may seem difficult to stick to your exercise when on a business trip, your commitment with yourself will get you through.”“Regular exercise have several benefits and can really be an aid in your productivity”, says Dr. Mehta.

  • Exercising will keep you more active while travelling.
  • When you exercise, your brain releases a feel good hormone “endorphin” which keeps your mind stress-free.
  • A stress-free mind with an active body can easily get you through a back-to-back meeting schedule.
  • Your blood circulation will be improved and metabolic process would be high, which works in your favor for obvious reasons.
  • Exercise will help you overcome travel related issues such as back pain, neck pain, leg numbness etc.

“You should well plan your trips. Planning in advance will make you less stressed about certain things and you will be more focused”, suggests Dr. Mehta. He recommends:

  • Staying organized while travelling.
  • Packingup one day earlier to lessen the stress.
  • Avoiding junk foods whenever possible.
  • Packing some nutrient rich food items such as home made vegetable sandwiches, dry fruits, protein bars etc.
  • Keeping a water bottle handy. Drinking plenty of water is healthy.

*Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The content is for educational purposes only. Please contact your doctor for any health care issues.

Some exercises for a frequent traveler fitness expert

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