Top tips for at home warts removal in ayurveda

The appearance of warts is associated with the penetration of papillomavirus into the body, expressed by increased cell division.
With a strong immune system, the disease may not manifest itself, but weak body defenses activate the virus.

Warts and papillomas begin to form on the body, different in size, occupying any part of the skin. At first, there may be isolated formations, but without proper treatment, papillomatosis develops, covering more healthy skin. By nature, warts are benign in nature, but can accompany a malignant tumor regardless of where the cancer develops: on the skin or in internal organs.

When deciding on the removal of warts by folk methods, it is advisable to undergo an examination, consult a doctor and confirm the goodness of the formation. Using the right folk recipes, the treatment will go smoothly and without problems. Due to the natural composition of the components, the effect will be mild and painless. The products use plants that have antibacterial, disinfecting, healing and immune-stimulating properties.

Removal of growths using folk methods is effective, but requires more time and effort.

Rules for the use of folk remedies

Treatment of warts at home should take place on the recommendation of a doctor, after examination. The specialist will help you choose the right method of getting rid of unwanted elements, familiarize you with the rules of using traditional medicine, which include:

  • strict adherence to the instructions of the selected method;
  • determination of the causes and type of growth, confirmation of the removal of warts, not keratomas or moles;
  • careful observation of the behavior of formations during self-removal. Use the method of photographing, it will help not to miss the moment that requires the attention of a doctor;
  • do not interfere with the process of dying, drying and falling off of the wart, everything should happen without outside help.

Non-compliance with the rules will lead to complications, the most terrible of which is the transformation into melanoma with the self-removal of moles.

Review of popular folk remedies for warts

There are such types of warts:

  1. Simple – a small growth in the shape of a bump with a characteristic hard surface. They are localized more often on the fingers of the hands. There are single or multiple formations.
  2. Plantar is a round growth located on the sole with obvious signs of peeling. When forming into a small group, they cause pain and inconvenience when walking.
  3. Flat is a dense, raised above the surface growth of natural or pale pink color, often appearing on the face in transition.
  4. Filamentous – hanging formation on a thin leg with uneven edges. It is located on areas with thin and delicate skin: in the eye area, on the eyelids, under the arms, in intimate places, on the neck.
  5. Genital warts are warts that affect the genital organs, the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth.
  6. Senile – often keratomas, outwardly resembling warts that have nothing to do with HPV.

It is easy to remove warts in a folk way, time-tested recipes will come to the rescue.

Onion, garlic

Thanks to the cauterizing and antiviral action, the onion effectively fights unwanted growths. The use of onions is based on several recipes:

  1. Cauterize the outgrowth with freshly squeezed onion juice three times a day, repeating the procedure until the formation completely disappears.
  2. Grind the substance to a homogeneous pulp, apply to the growth overnight by dressing.
  3. An effective way of soaking the component in table or apple cider vinegar, followed by fixing overnight. Soak the onion for two hours. Lubricate healthy skin liberally with a greasy cream or vaseline to protect against burns.
  4. In the onion, remove the middle and add salt. Let it brew until the juice appears. Treat the outgrowths with the resulting liquid twice a day.

Warts from the legs, heel growths and rough calluses on the feet are effectively removed.

Garlic is used in various ways, including:

  • soaking one clove of garlic in acetic essence for two hours. Apply the product to the growth, tightly fixing it with a bandage. The procedure should be carried out until complete disposal of the outgrowth;
  • chop the garlic on a fine grater and add honey, mix until smooth. Apply the substance to the growth and tie it with a tight bandage;
  • grind the garlic on a grater and add a couple of drops of vegetable oil, mix thoroughly. Apply the product to the wart for 20 minutes, wrapped in a film. After cleansing the skin, apply baby cream. The procedure is carried out every other day for a month.

Household soap

You can reduce the growths with clean household soap or prepared ointment from it.

You can remove formations from the face by simply rubbing each outgrowth with a substance.

To prepare the ointment, grate a piece of household or tar soap on a grater, pour apple cider vinegar. Bring the mixture to a boil over low heat, stirring gently. Transfer to a glass container with a lid and let cool. Lubricate each formation abundantly, cover with gauze, then with a film. It can be sealed with a Band-Aid or tied with a bandage for 5 hours. Continue the procedure until the complete disappearance of skin formations.


The remedy effectively eliminates formations on the feet and calcaneal growths. Before therapy, you should steam your feet in hot water with the addition of baking soda and detergent (you can use household or liquid soap). Using a pumice stone, scrape off the softened stratum corneum of the skin. Then attach a piece of raw meat and fix it with a plaster, then with a bandage – do not overtighten.
The bandage is not removed for three hours, avoiding getting wet.

After the expiration of the period, a second bath with soda and soap is made. Scrape off the softened growth (it is easy to remove, along with the root). With old and large growths, the procedure is repeated several times, until complete removal together with the rod.

Iodine has proven itself well in the fight against warts. With the help of the solution, cauterization of the growths is done once a day. The procedure lasts about a week. To speed up the method, you can use a Band-Aid, fixing it on top of the growth after treatment. The celandine plant has a similar effect. Moxibustion is done with freshly squeezed juice, spot-applied to the outgrowth several times a day. Therapy lasts until complete healing.

Raw potatoes with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties will help to remove outgrowths from the body. To prepare the medicine, squeeze the juice from raw potatoes and treat the warts twice a day. You can apply a piece of potato, tightly fixed with a bandage for the night or use a gruel of grated potatoes in the form of a compress.

With the help of castor oil, you can gradually remove outgrowths. The procedure consists in rubbing the oil into the formation, followed by sealing with a Band-Aid. Remove the patch after a few hours, removing the softened layer of growth. Repeat the procedure until healing. Another way to get rid of it is pulling a thread at the base of the wart. Deprived of blood supply, it will dry up, it will soon disappear.

How justified are conspiracies and prayers for warts

The removal of warts by folk remedies is often based on the use of spells and prayers. Conspiracies using such means are popular:

  1. The apple is cut in half with a thread. All growths on the body are rubbed with both halves. Then the halves are tied together with the same thread, the plot is read and the fruit is buried in the ground. It is believed that as the apple rotts, outgrowths from the body will disappear. The plot is carried out on a full moon.
  2. A pinch of millet and a clean handkerchief will be needed for the ritual. Spread out the handkerchief and rub the growths over it, pronouncing the plot. After finishing, put all the seeds in a handkerchief and take them outside the house to be eaten by birds. The ritual is performed on the waning moon.
  3. A plot on a silk thread with knots tied over each outgrowth and a prayer recited. After finishing, stick the thread between the potato halves and bury it in the ground. As they rot, the warts will leave the body.

The effectiveness of such methods is questionable. It is better to seek help from a qualified doctor in order to avoid unwanted complications.

Contraindications and possible complications

Home therapy has its own contraindications, which include:

  • allergic reaction to the products;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding a child;
  • children under 16 years old;
  • sensitivity of the skin;
  • self-removal in hazardous areas (intimate, mucous membrane, face).

Non-compliance with the rules of using folk remedies is fraught with complications in the form of inflammation, bleeding, burns, redness and itching. Improper wound care can leave a noticeable scar. It is possible to reappear in the same place or next to new elements.

Top tips for at home warts removal in ayurveda

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