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Suraksha Cards

Having a Suraksha card is like having a doctor at home! It is a unique prepaid healthcare card with unmatched benefits, designed to provide comprehensive and quality online AHM services.

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Health Checkup Packages

The first step to resolving any health challenge is through a health checkup. Gift your dear ones 'Good Health' with HCP.

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Book Doctor Appointments

This service resolves the challenge of fixing doctor appointments on time, when you need them most

Ask a Doctor

Get easy access to our in-house doctor to ask any health question(s) or seek a second opinion. It saves you the time, cost, and the associated stress.

Treatment Services

DesiMD's association with accredited hospitals from 'Joint Commission International, New York' and 'National Accreditation Board of Hospitals, India', helps facilitate the best treatment for patients.

Home Nurse Services

Home Nurse Services offers reliable assistance and support for physically challenged patients who require continual nursing care...

Personal Health Records (PHR)

Online PHRs helps easy accessibility to your doctor and helps remote monitoring and tracking of your health even when you are away from home...

Health and Wealth Newsletter

This initiative is an attempt to disseminate health information to subscribers to enhance knowledge on various health disorders and healthy living ...

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Ask a Doctor Ask a Doctor

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Ask a Doctor

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