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Pranic Healing

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Pranic Healing is a form of ancient energy medicine, which utilizes the inherent energy Prana (life force or energy) to balance, and promote the body's energy and its processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word which actually means, the vital force that keeps us alive and healthy. Pranic healing is a holistic approach as it assumes a person in its complexity and does not separate the body and the mind.

It was developed by Grand Master ChoaKok Sui who founded the World Pranic Healing Foundation. He is a Manila-based businessman of Chinese origin - a spiritual teacher, writer and therapist of Pranic healing system.

Sources of Prana

According to experts, there are three main sources of Prana:

  • Solar Prana – It is the energy of sunlight, which is believed to contribute to better health. The solar prana can be obtained by sunbathing (5 to 10 minutes) and by consuming water that has been kept in sunlight for some time. Prolonged exposure may be harmful.
  • Air Prana – it is the energy of the air which is believed to contribute to the healing process. It can be obtained via the normal breathing (deep, slow rhythmic breathing is much more beneficial) or also can be directly absorbed through the energy centres (chakras) and skin pores.
  • Prana on earth – This is the energy ofthe earth. It is obtained through the soles of the feet, which has direct contact with the ground. The amount of energy absorbed can be increased by walking barefoot.

Existence of Prana (energy)

Water obtains energy from sunlight, air, and earthand so the plants and animals. Fresh plant-based food is therefore believed to be a better source of energy than processed or preserved foods.Some specifictrees, like alpine tree is believed to absorb significantly high amount of energy and thereforethe sick resting under this tree tend to benefit.
Also, illnesses and various infections are common in bad or unpleasant weather. According to Pranic healing, it can be attributed to weakened or decreased energy (Prana) from air, sun and earth.Prana or energy goes down to a very low level in the early morning hours (around 3am or 4am).

How does Pranic healing work?

According to ancient medicine, the body is composed of several physical elements including skin, bones, muscles, organs and so on which function with the help of Prana.The pranais present in the form of +ve and –ve ions.  Pranic therapy or treatment involves the act of manipulating the energy (by experts) to restore the energy of the chakras in the body which is believed to treat the condition. Although it’s difficult to detect and measure life energy, its existence is undoubtedly proved.

Laws of Pranic Healing

The Pranic healing is based on two laws:The law of self-recovery and the law of life energy.

1. Law of Self-Recovery:

The body has theself-ability to heal injuries, ailments,fractures, on its own to some extent.However, medicines are used to speed up healing. A viral infection may not be cured by medicines, it can only control symptoms. But the body fights infection with its own antibodies and rises above the infection and heals it.

2. Law of Life Energy:
The existence of life is proved by its energy (Chi) and the healing process is hastened by elevating the energy in the specific area of the body which needs healing. The same can also be practiced to the whole body.

Principles of Pranic Healing

  • All types of ailments or diseases originates in the aura (invisible energy that surrounds the actual physical body) and then invades the body.
  • The body has the ability to heal or recover on its own
  • Prana or energy hasstheability to heal and recover the body by rejuvenating the aura.
  • This life energy or Prana can be transferred to another person.
  • The body is usually scanned to detect the energy deficient part and replenished with energy.

Which are the most common problems treated with Pranic healing?

Following health issues can be successfully treated with Pranic healing:

  • Sleeping illness (lack of sleep)
  • Mental illnesses including depression, anxiety etc.
  • Stress
  • Sprains and strains
  • Body aches like neck pain, muscle pain, back pain etc.
  • A recent trauma and related inflammation
  • Improve psycho-physical aspects in athletes
  • Improve memory
  • Enhance energy level
  • Treat headache
  • Fight ulcers (intestinal)
  • Heal respiratory illnesses, including sinusitis and asthma
  • Skin diseases, including eczema
  • Improves overall immunity
  • Treat the various causes of infertility
  • Aesthetic treatments such as Pranic face lift, bust lift, hip and tummy tuck etc.

What are the benefits of Pranic healing?

  • It can be practiced for mild illnesses by anyone with some sort of training or education. Example. A child with high fever in the midnight can be attended to with the help of Pranic healing. It will lower down the temperature in a few hours.
  • In most of the cases it can relieve symptoms immediately. Ex. Headaches, stomachache, muscle cramps and strain or sprain.
  • Cold and cough are often less severe due to high exposure to all the sources of energy or Prana (air, sun, earth and water).
  • Severe chronic and life threatening illnesses can be partially relieved in few sessions. The ailments that can be treated may include illnesses related to heart, kidney, liver and eyes.
  • Enhances heath and overall physical stamina
  • Promotes inner peace and happiness
  • Improves concentration and overall memory
  • Reduces stress and relaxes
  • Improves interpersonal skills
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem
  • Improves overall quality of life



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