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ACL Reconstruction Brings Back The Stability And Strength Of The Knee


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Anterior cruciate injury or ACL injury is common amongst athletes. Anterior cruciate is a band of tissue within the knee which tears due to stretching.

Typically, when the knee sharply turns or moves while running or jumping, the damage occurs.

Since ACL holds the bones of the knee together and keeps it stable, it is critically important to take corrective measures.

Amongst various treatment methods, ACL reconstruction surgery in Mumbai is preferred by surgeons if the patient is young and active.

For people who are active in sports, the reconstruction surgery can be extremely helpful.

For older patients, doctors recommend non-surgical treatment.

The surgical procedure

When you meet the Best surgeon for ACL reconstruction surgerya detailed diagnosis is performed by him.

Since the goal is to get the stability and full range of motion of the knee again, the doctor investigates the case in detail.

Arthroscopic surgery is quite common for ACL reconstruction where doctors insert tiny tools and camera through small cuts around the knee.

Since the scars are small, the patient recovers fast and resumes normal life very soon.

Once the doctor removes damaged ACL, the tendon is set on the place again. If required, then the doctors take it from another part of the body, e.g., knee, thigh or hamstring. Sometimes, they use the tendon from a deceased donor.

It is known as grafting of the tendon.

To graft it at the right spot, doctors drill two tiny holes known as tunnels. One hole is on the bone above the knee and another below the knee.

To anchor the graft in place, doctors place screws in the tunnels. Thus, it acts as a sort of bridge and helps the ligament to grow. Total recovery time may take a few months.

Doctors explain the post-operative care to patients after the surgery. It is advised to stay off the leg and rest the knee.

Patients need to wear braces to safeguard the joint.

ACL reconstruction surgery cost in Mumbai depends on the facilities offered by the hospital.

BEAR, the new type of ACL surgery

Bridge-Enhanced ACL Repair or BEAR is the latest type of surgery. You need to check with the doctors whether it is available or not.

Amongst the hospitals offering ACL reconstruction surgery in Mumbai, a few offer “BEAR surgery”.

In this procedure, doctors allow the torn ACL to heal naturally. Thus, there is no need for ACL replacement.

A special sponge is inserted into the knee between the torn ends. The doctors inject the patient’s blood in the sponge and stitch the loose split ends.

ACL gets support of the sponge and within a few days, the torn ends heal.

The ACL develops eventually into a rejuvenated, healthy ACL tissue.

What can one expect from ACL Reconstruction surgery?

Since the Best surgeon for ACL reconstruction surgery performs the surgery carefully, one can expect excellent results.

However, it is essential to follow the precautions after the surgery. There could be issues if the patient doesn’t follow the instructions properly.

Dr. Shailendra patil who is a renowned orthopedic surgeon says that in most of the cases, patients ignore the instructions and do whatever they want.

The wound doesn’t heal properly, and patients take a longer time to return to normal activities.

Even if the surgery is performed at the number one bone and joint care clinic, it is of no use.