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Understanding Infertility Factors : How to Improve Infertility Factors | Thanawala


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Dr. Udy Thanawala - Explains about the infertility treatment details during treatment at Thanawala Maternity Clinic

Understanding Infertility Factors:

When we evaluate the cause of Infertility Treatment – we look for factors which may need correction. These factors could be present in either in Male or Female or in both.

Male Infertility Factors:

During intercourse, the man ejaculates in the vagina and the sperms from the semen swim up into the female reproductive tract to meet the egg.

What we do to understand male infertility factors –

We do semen analysis for the male factor – the semen is tested in the laboratory and we check the sperm concentration & motility. Normally the count should be at least 15 million and 50% should be motile

Female Infertility Factors

After a menstrual cycle, an egg starts growing in the ovary which will take about 14 days to reach a mature size and is then released- this is known as ovulation. This egg once released can potentially meet a sperm and get fertilized from an embryo – which then lodges on to the Endometrial lining of the uterus to grow into a pregnancy. Basically, ovulation occurs on the 14th day before the periods – so in a normal 28 day cycle the fertile days are the middle

What we do to understand female infertility factors:

Follicular monitoring is serial sonography of the ovaries and uterus to see the egg growing and to see if the endometrial thickness also increases with it. Once the follicle is ready – 18- 22 mm in size we can time theovulation by giving a trigger injection, which will facilitate the egg to rupture after 36 hours of this injection.  

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