10 Tips to Eliminate Dandruff
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10 Tips to Eliminate Dandruff

Tip of the Day: 
  1. Dandruff is contagious, therefore do not share combs.
  2. Eat vitamin B rich foods like whole grains, egg yolk, nuts and cauliflower. Biotin supplements are also helpful.
  3. Cut down oily food, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Food rich in Omega 6 fatty acids curbs the development of dandruff.
  4. Badly maintained hair, unclean scalp and improper nourishment, aid growth of dandruff. Wash hair with medicated or herbal shampoo.
  5. Egg-based shampoo helps to overme excess flaking.
  6. Pat your hair dry after washing hair, as moisture serves to breed dandruff.
  7. A paste of fenugreek applied to scalp helps overcome dandruff
  8. Using water boiled with neem leaves for washing hair helps fight dandruff.
  9. Application of cider vinegar to the scalp one hour after hair wash helps.
  10. Add 4-5 drops of tea oil to your shampoo for washing your scalp. Also, Flax seed oil or vitamin E oil combined with egg based shampoo to wash hair, helps to ease off dandruff.